Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development- Ugunja KENYA

About Us

Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development is an indigenous Community Based Development Organization based in Ugunja. Registered under the Ministry of Gender Sports, Culture and Social Services under the National Plan for Community Development,operating in Ugunja and Ukwala Divisions of Siaya District, Nyanza Province in Kenya.

Tembea's mission is to work with the community, to enhance socio-economic capacity so as to achieve self-reliance and sustainable livelihood and growth through Health, Environmental Conservation and Poverty Alleviation Program (HECPAP) at the grassroots level.

At Tembea we host a number of programs areas, such as,Community HIV/AIDS and Health and Nutrition and Home Based Care, awareness creation and advocacy, Environmental Conservation and Food security, Micro-Credit/Finance programme, Information and Library Centre, Gender development, Youth programme on Community micro enterprise support

Through this website we hope to inform people about the activities we are performing to improve livelihoods and pursue social justice in Kenya. This website is also used to offer people the opportunity to volunteer their services either through time or funds in order to help us achieve our goals as a community-based organisation

For more information about Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development (TYCforSD), please feel free to contact us by email, post or telephone.