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About Us

For the mutual prosperity of developing and developed countries, The Bridge empowers local entrepreneurs in developing countries that seek to generate social and environmental impacts. The Bridge's logo represents a collaboration among three key stakeholders: Local Entrepreneurs, Impact Donors, and The Bridge. We strive to build sustainable partnership among key stakeholders and to promote the value of togetherness in our collective efforts

There are three main problems that The Bridge seeks to address:

  •  People in developing countries tend to become more dependent on donation rather than to be self-reliant, causing to lose their self-esteem as human beings.

  • People in developed countries consider people in developing countries as vulnerable and hopeless without seeing their potential values.

  • There is insufficient patient capital for local entrepreneurs in developing countries.


The Bridge’s proposed solution to the problem lies on a new business model called “impact donation.” Impact donation is a new concept of donation which, with blended value from financial investment and donation, that not only creates social impacts but also seeks partial return on donation.