Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation

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About Us

EVM is a NGO that was founded in 2005 by Dr Joel and Rose Smith due to the need to assist vulnerable kids and widows and spreading the word of God. Currently it operates in three countries:Kenya, Saipan and Phillipines

Success made:

1. The Ministry has fully sponsored over 70 children in Kenya alone some currently in the University

2. The ministry has funded 2,000,000 ksh to build three churches in Kenya

3. EVM has four women groups in Kenya which it currently supports.

Rose Smith being Kenyan born felt the need of giving back to the community. All the operations of the Ministry has been facilitated by Dr Joel and Rose Smith 10% contribution who are currently based in Saipan.

EVM has a Vision to eradicate poverty not only in Kenya but the entire world. With the grace of God, we hope our Vision to be fulfilled. Thank you