"WALK a MILE in MY SHOES~~~on the Path to PEACE!!!"

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About Us

"WALK a MILE in MY SHOESon the Path to PEACE" is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization...designed to advocate individual empowerment...through the 'simplicity' of sharing a single pair of 'gently-loved' SHOES...with Folks having NO SHOES, at all.

In WAMMS 5year history, it has been Our privilege to share SHOES with over 17,000PEOPLE...'along The Path.

WAMMS & the 'Little Ol' Lady AND the SHOES'...welcome the opportunity to conduct a WAMMS Community SHOEDrive...designed to SERVE Your town...in the near future. (Special arrangements to be discussed.) We delight in the opportunity to COLLABORATE with You...very soon.

Blessings of PEACE to ALL.

Rev. DonnaChristine Park, President/Chief ENTHUSIASM Officer