Never Alone Together

  • Arizona


East Kelso Street
United States

About Us

Supporting the educational outcomes of young people who have lost a parent to a domestic violence fatality.

We have four project areas:

Scholarships - A chance to gain education.

 NAT will be raising funds to provide scholarships to both post-high school education (college, trade school, etc.) and pre-school education.

Partnerships - A chance to raise awareness.

 We seek partnerships with educational bodies, domestic violence organizations, child protection services, and other interested individuals and community organizations.

NAT Camp​ - A chance to be kids with people who understand.

 This is the opportunity for young people to know they are not alone in their situation. Here, they will have the chance to meet other young people from around the country in a non-therapeutic, recreational setting. 

Teacher Workshops - A chance to provide support networks.

 NAT seeks volunteers who will be trained to go to and speak with teachers who will have young people entering or returning to their classrooms. Teachers can be instrumental in the healing process for grieving young people.