Accelerating Market-Driven Partnerships

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About Us

AMP unites world-class leaders from diverse organizations to build solutions to shared global challenges as well as creating value for business, society, and the planet.

AMP will provide a carefully designed innovation framework for partners to identify shared commercial challenges and co-invest to solve challenges. The organization will lead partners through a three-phase innovation process to identify market challenges and understand interest areas, source and capitalize breakthrough solutions, and showcase solutions on a global stage.

The AMP concept has been designed, and will continue to evolve, through constant dialogue with its partners. AMP will facilitate collaboration among innovative businesses, governments, and civil society to:

  • Conduct Market Analysis: Address social and environmental issues in emerging markets by identifying and aggregating demand across organizations to confront shared challenges.
  • Connect Innovators: Pool unique and diverse resources through a global network of innovators.
  • Mobilize Resources: Design breakthrough solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship-sourcing strategies including competitions and challenges.
  • Source Solutions: Turn solutions into action by catalyzing win-win partnerships, strategic alliances and new business ventures and models.