Cambridge School of Weston

  • MA


45 Georgian Road
United States

About Us

The Cambridge School of Weston is an innovative, collaborative day and boarding community fostering educational depth and richness since 1886. We attract intellectually and creatively talented students and faculty. Our students work to master essential academic skills, and move beyond, pursuing personal levels of excellence. They achieve genuine engagement in the educational process by taking an active role in their learning and meeting authentic challenges, both artistic and intellectual. We embrace the process of enriching our diverse school population. We welcome the perspectives of different ethnicities, races, classes, religions, and sexual orientations that enhance our mutual understanding. Our respect for the unique gifts of each community member provides a safe environment where all can grow. We seek to balance the needs of the individual with those of the community. Within the framework of a caring, ethical school, we encourage constructive contribution beyond our campus. Students take an active role in decision-making, acquiring tools to participate in a democratic society. Our core mission is to enable our students to become thoughtful, creative, socially responsible, healthy adults. That, be believe, is the best preparation for college--and for life.