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Monrovia, MO, Liberia
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The Council for Academic Growth (CAG)/Africa-International is a non-governmental organization duly registered and accredited under the humanitarian law of the Republic of Liberia.

After series of consultative researches on the population of Liberia, considering the economic and social capacity ranging from youths to adults, the findings showed that the life span of average Liberian is between the ages of 35 and 55; this comes as a result of advert poverty, illiteracy (rating from 75% to 80%), under developed society and lack of economic and social empowerment; the findings also showed that youths are prone to action in a violent way, at the least provocation instead of respecting and allowing the rule of law to take its place. This was observed to be due to the long years of military rule and civil conflict in the country over the years.

Considering the above findings, CAG/Africa-International has resolved to setting a strategic and operational framework of capacity building for the less fortunate and the needy as well as encouraging those that are desirous of being self sustainable and self reliant.

Focus: The fundamental focus of CAG/Africa-International is to equip and engage its target groups into productive skills and agriculture programs; provide scholarship scheme for the needy and options for self employment as effective means for a successful transition to self sustainability and self sufficiency by broadening their economic opportunity-base.

Objective: The overall objective of CAG/Africa-International is to enhance the social and economic capacity of its target groups by making them functional and successful in their communities.

  • The primary objective of CAG/Africa-International is to transform the lives of its target groups through the following:

-To establish a forum where members and all other persons, Liberians and non-Liberians shall meet to discuss the problems and find solutions to the Education System in Africa; setup Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs; Peace Building and Nonviolent programs for war ravaged youths into capacity building, beginning with Liberia;

-To help in de-traumatizing war affected persons through mental capacity work and capacity building such as vocational skills training, computer literacy, agriculture, small business management, etc;

-To request, ask and serve as implementing agency to all national and international non-governmental and non-political organization; for financial, materials and professional assistances;

-To liaise with potential donors, national and non-governmental organization for sponsorship for free education; building of Libraries and public facilities in the rural parts of Liberia, and promote the idea of students exchange programs; Strategizing and promoting the decentralization of education, most especially vocational institution, to the rural parts of Liberia;

-To organize monitoring and counseling teams for target groups to the programs;

-To implement programs and projects for stimulating youths participation in Rural Development;

-To devise sponsorship schemes for the youth of Liberia to pursue education in all aspects at primary, secondary, and college level;

-To offer computer training to NGOs, INGOs and other institution of learning;

-To help strengthen the economic base of less fortunate women through micro business loan;

-To enter into medium term projects for self-reliance and sustainable development for target groups;

CAG/Africa-International also seeks to promote nonviolent acts as a means of settling disputes, build libraries in the rural parts of Liberia which will serve as students resource center, improve and rehabilitate dilapidated institutions; encourage the establishment of old folks homes as well as working with street girls and boys explaining to them the negative effect it has in their general lives.

The cumulative effect following the achievement of these elements is sustainable peace that would positively impact upon the national recovery process and the quality of life of the people.

It is our hope that this preamble will be of useful consideration from all those that seeks lessening the poverty rate and to see positive changes in the lives of less fortunate people through cash and kind donations including INGOs, Donors, the International Community, philanthropic organizations and Individuals that give to charity.

The Council for Academic Growth (CAG)/Africa-International is a non-governmental organization duly registered and accredited under the humanitarian law of the Republic of Liberia.

After series of consultative researches on the…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Women


  • Maggi Cube Factory Junction
    Somalia Drive, Gardnersville
    Monrovia, MO 1000

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