Summer of Solutions: Worcester

  • MA


United States

About Us

Summer of Solutions 2009: Worcester is a two-month cooperative summer learning experience which seeks to build a community to address environmental, social, and economic issues in the Worcester area and engage participants in collaborative, skill-building, hands-on projects.

With a focus on building a creative, collaborative community, Summer of Solutions 2009 : Worcester will create public spaces and opportunities for solutionaries to grow, express, and empower themselves and each other. Solutionaries will participate in collaborative projects and engage in collective education to build an empowered citizenry and a strong community for social change.

Focused on creating healthy, just communities and sustainable, green jobs, projects include the production and promotion of local, sustainable food; residential energy efficiency improvements; and the promotion of sustainable transportation options. Through the co-creation of sustainable, community-based solutions that address social justice, environmental justice and economic revitalization, solutionaries will work together to create community-level energy solutions and build the local green economy.