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About Us

A Sud is an independent Italian association founded in 2003 to promote a culture of ecology and cooperation between the global south and the global north and among different stakeholders. A Sud always dedicated an important part of its activitiy to research on various environmental issues and focuses:  environmental and social justice, ecological conversion of production and urban spaces; energy; waste management; participatory democracy, community, PGIS, political ecology and ecological economics.

In 2007 A Sud opened the first Environmental Conflict Documentation Centre, CDCA – which in 2010 became an independent and autonomous research institute - to map and document the most emblematic conflicts arising from resources exploitation, production processes and territorial management.

A Sud carries out training projects and educational courses on environmental education, reconversion and energy directed at administrators, trade unions, workers, teachers, trainers, students and practitioners with the objective of promoting a deep understanding of the causes of the current environmental crisis.

Since its foundation, A Sud acts as a bridge organisation between different actors whose convergence is essential to the promotion of real change: local government, producers, trade unions, academics and grassroots and social organisations and movements.


In addition, A Sud promotes awareness campaigns and activities on the issues of common goods, new paradigms of development and participatory democracy. It actively supports Italian communities and committees involved in the defence of the environment and their rights and in the promotion of participatory practices.


Among A Sud Research Projects

Italian Atlas of conflicts: The Italian Atlas of Environmental Conflicts is the first Italian open georeferenced Web Platform built by a interdisciplinary team

Underground - a photo exposition on the poisoned Italy: In collaboration with ISFI (Photo reporting School), A Sud mean to create a Photo Atlas of Italian Biocides.

EPIcentro Civitavecchia - popular epidemiology: together with CDCA, A Sud promotes some activities with the citizens of Civitavecchia to collect data and informations about healt and territory and for spuring a debate on some important environmental issues.

Report on IGS: in collaboration with more than 30 organizations and istitutions, A Sud create a new pattern for evaluating politic choises and strategies, The Fair Sustainability Index.

Women, environment, and peace award- Wangari Maathai: it is an istitutional award by A Sud and Casa Internazionale delle Donne, for italian women active for the defense of peace and the environment.

CEECEC- Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics: the project aims to empower the network between the Civil Society Organizations, economists and ecologists.