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About Us

Babyfeat is a Non Profit organization, aiming to help families with kids by providing a quick, simple and user friendly way to swap children’s items. Founded in 2011 by 2 stay at home moms, Evita & Dimitra who know first hand that the cost of baby products in Greece is extremely high. Since babies go through clothes, toys and accessories as fast as they grow, we believe that swapping is a good, eco-friendly way to save money and meet new people while still giving children everything they need. Babyfeat organizes “give+swap+create”events which feature give/swap bazaars for childrens items, and free creative workshops for kids and parents. We are introducing the first Center for the Reuse of Children's Items in Greece. We send childrens items to families all over Greece from items donated by other families. At families can post adds for free to give,swap, sell or ask for items.

Since our first event in January of 2012 we have accomplished organizing all our events based on volunteers, including municipalities and other institutions, from local communities who donate time and items to support our causes. We are proud to introcuce the babyfeat Center where community can come together on a daily basis and giving, swaping, creating, ecology , solidarity and volunteering can become a way of life in a warm, friendly enviroment.