Open Book - A Program of Focus Points Family Resource Center

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About Us

The mission of Focus Points Family Resource Center is to help build better communities by strengthening families.

Open Book Literacy/Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Open Book is a program that focuses on adults with reading levels between 0 and 8.9. Beginning with basic reading skills, students advance through a series of classes to a full academic curriculum to prepare them for the GED. It is the goal of Open Book to provide all students with greater independence and self-sufficiency in their lives.

Open Book began as a small organization called Project Learn in the early 1990s and acquired its current name in 1995. In 2006, it became a program of Focus Points Family Resource Center. Since its inception, Open Book has grown tremendously. Initially, it focused only on literacy for very low-level readers and offered only individual services. In 2008, Open Book added pre-GED instruction into the curriculum for the High Intermediate 6 - 8.9 reading level.

Students are regularly tested using the TABE test. Those results are shared with the Colorado Department of Education. Open Book serves approximately 50 learners each 10-12 week term.