Philip's Academy Charter School

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342 Central Avenue

United States

About Us

Philip’s Academy Charter School is the heir to the 24 year history of St. Philip’s Academy as a private school. As it became the first school in the State of New Jersey to convert from private to charter, it intentionally retained the culture, students, staff and leadership that together created a unique and dynamic learning and working environment. Living by our motto, “Love as a basis of state,” we believe in the dignity of all people, the right of self-expression and the opportunity to innovate so that our school remains an ever evolving institution. For children, it plays itself out with “freedom” over “control” and a deep faith that all human beings are natural learners.  

Our Mission:
We will provide a moral and rigorous education to a diverse student body, accomplished in a hands-on, technology infused educational environment that embraces differentiated instruction and individual attention that will allow our students to attend college, while developing a commitment to global citizenship, environmental sustainability, and personal virtue.

The Classroom – Our teachers, in consultation with their Head Teachers and Principal, create their own curriculum while fulfilling the requirements of the New Jersey Common Core. Teachers are in charge of their classrooms. We seek innovative teachers who create customized and innovative learning environments where children are excited about learning and where each child has the opportunity to succeed. Last, continuing professional development remains a critical element in the lives of all faculty.

The Building – Our classrooms are large, air conditioned, well lit and well equipped. Smart boards are in 100% of our classes and additional technology is available including laptops, chrome books, a computer lab, a 21st Century classroom of the future, a media center/library and a teaching kitchen. Our rooftop garden provides opportunities (with our EcoSPACES program) for students to plant, nurture, harvest, and consume the food that they grow.

Food Program – As part of our Eco-SPACES program, we serve a home cooked meal every day (at no cost to faculty) that is made with foods that contain no hormones, preservatives, are locally grown where possible, are nutritious and tasty.