NEARI School (Northeast Education Assessment and Research Institute)

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About Us

Northeast Education Assessment and Research Institute (NEARI School) Mission: To help each student find the best ways to learn, relate and communicate effectively, and make a difference in the world. To do this we target four interrelated areas of growth: mastery of academic, self regulation, relationship and self advocacy skills.

For the past 25+ years, NEARI has provided the highest quality education and treatment services to at risk children and youth.

NEARI was founded in 1986 by Steven Bengis, EdD. LCSW and Penny Cuninggim, EdD, MAT, MSW and eleven seasoned staff who had all worked together in another school program for six years. By integrating best practices in both education and treatment, NEARI offer students from 7 to 22 an opportunity to succeed by promoting relationship, mastery, self-advocacy and self-empowerment while nourishing individual strengths.

Our history of success is based on four key elements: a highly trained, professional and caring staff who:

a) understand the complex and unique needs of each learner and b) as colleagues in a staff-centered agency, play the major role in educational and treatment decisions. a behavior management approach based on working with student strengths and the beliefs that a) all children can learn and succeed beyond their wildest dreams and

b) if learning isn’t fun it isn’t learning. a warm and inviting environment where students love to come to school. leading-edge educational and treatment practices Services Include: -tailored learning and treatment plans -a brain-based assessment process that results in a comprehensive set of strategies for teaching, communicating with, and counseling each student, based on norm-referenced measurements, observation, and the latest research regarding “how the brain learns best” -individualized learning readiness support to address underlying neuro-development weaknesses -speech and language, occupational and physical therapies -rich and data-driven academic curricula -psychiatric, psychological and nursing consultation -in-house psychotherapy and counseling -multi-modal instruction, experiential and project-based learning, and a variety of extracurricular activities and electives -commitment to creating learning environments that promote relaxed alert minds, whole-body and brain immersion in concepts, and opportunities for peer-to-peer dialogue. -a transitional program for school-to-work or to post-secondary education that focuses on community job placement, and individual mentoring

Student to Staff ratio 3:1

Grades: K – 12 (ages 7-22)

Current Enrollment: 40-45 students

Geographic Areas Served: Hampden County Hampshire County Parts of Franklin, Worcester and Berkshire Counties

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