D.R.E. Learning Centers Organization

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P.O. Box 1128
St. Charles
United States

About Us

We provide our clients with ducational, social and psychological family services that foster self esteem, human development and community development.

Our goals focus heavily upon overcoming barriers that prevent children and adults from achieving excellence.

To provide quality, safe, and well-rounded holistic CHILDCARE / development services to young children between the ages of one (1) and twelve (12), that enhance their given gifts and talents. We seek to build an alliance between the home, church, and school that encourages each child to seek and realize their purpose for their respective life. The program employs a Christian based curriculum that strives toward excellence and high educational standards.

To provide holistic balance to children and teens at risk (ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18). We seek to provide our clients with educational, social, and psychological services that foster self-esteem and holistic human development. This segment focuses heavily upon barriers to learning, literacy, mathematics, self-esteem, TEEN MENTOR SHIP and social development.

To provide sound business, educational and financial guidance to adults (particularly disadvantaged groups). We seek to provide our clients with educational, social, spiritual and psychological insights that enhance individual, group and community development. This segment focuses heavily upon financial barriers to learning, ADULT FINANCIAL LITERACY, business operations, entrepreneurship and social development.

Assist young teachers with the transition from college student to that of professional educator. The beginning teacher level is targeted because it is at this level of the profession that the greatest anxiety is experienced, causing premature career abandonment. This type of TEACHER MENTOR SHIP is used to supplement, prepare and assist the beginning teacher with the intangible events that occur beyond university textbook learning.