• Katosi

About Us

Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance was founded in 2012 to offer;

1.     Elementary education support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (ovc),

2.     Community development by mentoring and empowering families, youths and women groups in development, health awareness (including the prevention of HIV/AIDS)

3.     Vocational skills training in trades for development to women, girls and youths in general.

4.     Promotion and advocative services for human and environment rights.

Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance takes a community-driven approach to developing the programs necessary to a healthy, self-sufficient community: early education, vocational training, and basic health care and sustainable livelihoods.

We coordinate with organized groups of widows and community leaders in deciding what programs and projects are most necessary and desirable within the community. We endeavor to contribute towards self-sufficiency, and we seek ways to help every individual find a life of hope and dignity.

Our guiding core values are as follows;

1.     Integrity:

We seek to have no fractions in our services and team working, to ensure that our beneficiaries receive equal and decent services.

2.     Good stewardship:

It’s our obligation to be responsible for all resources and to manage them in a trusted and professional manner.

3.     Empowerment:

A conception that we apply to foster development by giving everyone a right to exercise, utilize and implement valuable means to available resources.   

4.     Cooperation:

We engage partners, communities and individuals for the pursuance of the common goal.


Assisting to create economically strong community infrastructures, which are maintainable by the people living in those the communities.


A sustainable world with equal opportunities and resources for all mankind.

Our goals are as follows:

·        To elevate the life of the Ugandan orphans, youths and women (widows) through education, vocational skills training and job creation.

·        To support people living in small village areas in building lives of hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency through programs of education, health and vocational training.

·        To fight and advocate for the rights of women and children, and the environment by organizing workshops and education platforms to all communities.

·        To provide opportunities for people in all parts of Uganda and the rest of the world to participate in these efforts through collaboration and partnerships with entities of similar visions.