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About Us


Health and Education Development Nepal (HED Nepal) is an organized non-profit making Non-Governmental Organization working for the Health and Education in particular and overall aspects of human health in general. It is a perfect network of skilled youths dealing with problems related with human health and education. It has been serving society with the objectives as raising awareness, conducting research works on health problems, reducing wrong concepts about health and supporting and energizing maternal health thereby reducing mortality rate as a whole.

Community health problems are still a burning problem in the context of Nepalese society. Majority of people are under the vicious line of poverty that has caused the low literacy rate too. Additionally, complex political circumstances have left no room for overall development of the nation. In this sense, health sector in Nepalese society is very miserable. Our society is very weak in the diseases which are tormenting people physically, mentally and in social terms. HED Nepal is therefore here for tackling the problems as such. It is a network of the health and education professionals which deals with such problems in favor of peaceful and healthy Nepal. Within a legal periphery determined by Government of Nepal, it has carried out a number of programs in health and education sector in the previous days too from which many people have been benefitted.

This organization is specially an awareness raising program crafted in the most marginalized communities area which mainly focuses on sweeping away the misunderstanding and wrong concepts about the psychological, physical and social aspects of health and education as disease and its side effects deeply rooted among the people. Moreover, HED Nepal here tries to identify the infected, provides counseling and makes the people aware about the precaution and prevention from being engulfed by diseases. Since it is a network of medical professionals, an effective interaction between disease infected and the professionals for better understanding of the disease comes in the centre for HED Nepal.

Today, diseases have become more like a psychological problem than a physical one. There are hundreds of disabled people living a pretty hard life. They are not well cared, well treated and loved by the society. Instead, they are compelled to live a hellish life within own family. They have been victim of wrong concept about disable people. Instead of getting warm love and kindness, they are made matter of shame. From the kids to old, the same wrong concept has engulfed. HED Nepal through this program attempts to tear up very negative mist of disable our society is covered with. Reaching door- to-door, it aims for transforming social mentality and creating healthy society both physically and mentally


To improve community health and education status for those do not have access to the basic health care and education facilities so the people can enjoy their basic human rights.


Facilitate under privileged, Leprosy Affected, Disabled and Marginalized people in community for their capacity building, empowerment and mobilize them to access and utilize the opportunities for their holistic development through health, educational, social and economic and empowerment interventions.