About Us

PERU ADAPTERS , we are an organization dedicated to the reception of foreign volunteers, in order to be able to adapt them to the Peruvian Culture and to place them in different organizations at national level so that they could expire with their desire to contribute his work and effort looking for the benefit of the society most needed in different aspects.

For which we write to you. To know about your interesting of being volunteers, which kind of Volunteerism would like to develop, What benefits would you like to have as a volunteer and some other important aspects.

We hope for your pleasant response and to be able to be supported in communication for the above mentioned subjects. A lot of Thanks for your time and attention.

“The Volunteerism is the expression of an adult faith, which thinks about how to be constructing a civilization of love, for ways of solidarity, to serving especially the neediest persons. Would highlight the social and service vocation. PERU ADAPTERS Calle El Greco 157 Of 101 San Borja Lima Peru Teléfonos: Celu: 51-1-99080250 - 99080252 Pone: 511-3656270