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Melesem (Mel-ay-Sem) means "I am listening." It is derived from the Ewe language of the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. Melesem investigates and implements sustainable development projects that will address extreme poverty experienced by marginalized children and communities on the African Continent. Melesem is currently working on a sustainable grasscutter (great cane rat) farm at a school and home for marginalized children called Crossover International Academy. A gross lack of food security has plagued the some 250 children living and schooling at the facility. More than 95% of children at Crossover have escaped or been rescued from the worst forms of child labor. They are strong, committed, intelligent children who require nutritional excellence to match their passion to excel. A grasscutter farm represents to them, a fully self sustaining and income generating opportunity supporting the children's physical, emotional, academic, and social growth.