Peter Young Housing, Industry, and Treatment

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About Us

The Altamont Program is one of five nonprofit entities under the umbrella organization Peter Young Housing, Industry, and Treatment (PYHIT). Our program provides services to populations in need including: vocational training, job placement services, emergency shelters, transitional living accommodations, parole re-entry services, veterans services, and more.

The mission of PYHIT is simple: to create taxpayers. Our services allow our clients to become economically self-sufficient individuals who earn enough stable income to be able to pay taxes.

PYHIT is founded on the idea that recovery from difficult situations can be made possible through the three areas of housing, education/employment, and treatment. Father Young envisions these categories as a three-legged stool: with even one leg missing, the stool cannot support itself. Similarly, without these three areas of life taken care of, individuals cannot recover, nor can they grow and thrive.

At PYHIT, we look to rehabilitation before incarceration. With our services dedicated to those who have been turned away and cast aside by other institutions, we are able to lend assistance to many unique individuals all throughout New York State.