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About Us

HonestReporting.com is a non-profit media watchdog group based in Skokie Illinois with main International offices in Jerusalem Israel.

HonestReportig.com monitors English-language news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to detect, expose, and prevent incidents of anti-Israel bias and otherwise flawed, inaccurate journalism. Our fast-action email dispatches reaches over 175,000 world wide subscriber-activists who fight anti-Israel bias by sending critical emails and letters to offending news outlets.

In addition, we have opened a media cente rin Jerusalem named MediaCentral which serves the following purposes:

MediaCentral is an independent media-liaison organization offering a friendly place to work in downtown Jerusalem, with free services including:

WiFi access & printer/fax facilities, etc. Primary sources (experts, analysts, interviewees, materials)

References / contacts – photographers, translators, drivers, guides, etc.

Field Tours to locations of interest – Sderot, Golan & the North, Security Barrier, etc.

Updates, briefings, analysis – in a range of languages

Translations of breaking news and critical materials

Drop-in lounge with coffee/tea/drinks & snacks

Wide-screen TVs with continual news feeds

Helping hand services/info – logistics, contracts, what’s hot, what’s not

"TGIT" – Thank Goodness It's Thursday end-of-week briefings every Thursday at 4pm (with wine & cheese, beer & snacks) – on various topics, in a number of languages.