People Empowerment Program, PEP Liberia

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About Us

Brief History of PEP: The People Empowerment Program (PEP) Liberia Inc. is a refugee-inspired non-profit, non-government organization initiated in Ghana in 2001 by Liberian refugees with initial assistance from Dutch Lay Missionaries of the Society of African Missions (SMA). In 2001, our group, consisting of a small group of motivated people decided not to sit down. Together with SMA missionaries, they started with open air vocational trainings for the camp’s youth, all on a voluntary basis. Few years later, their tireless efforts resulted in a lively training centre, offering an integrated program for hundreds of students. When relative peace returned to Liberia, they returned to rebuild their country. PEP was accredited by the Republic of Liberia on February 25, 2005 to operate as a local NGO to make its contribution to the reconstruction process of post-war Liberia. PEP currently runs a Technical Education Center (PEP-TEC) offering primary education integrated with basic vocational skills training.

Mission: To empower youths, adolescents, and adults through access to functional integrated education, vocational and technical skills training, life skills and economic empowerment to free them from dependency.

Program Intervention Areas: Activities leading to the achievement of our goals are formulated around five primary project clusters:

  • Technical-vocational skills training
  • Formal education
  • Non-formal education (adult literacy) and life skills
  • Micro-enterprising
  • Agriculture