Adapting to Scarcity

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About Us

Adapting to Scarcity is a community water rights and media empowerment project fiscally sponsored by Media Alliance and based in the Bay Area and Guadalajara, Mexico. The project is designed to support Guadalajara’s citizen movements for environmental justice and affordable clean drinking water, and to enhance its impact, visibility and synergy with other water rights movements in the world.

Our work empowers local communities to document and share their movements to protect watersheds and implement sustainable long term access to clean water. Leveraging grassroots social media, our project amplifies their voices internationally. Once their story, struggle, and solutions reach the international grassroots, individual and collective movements will be strengthened. Many communities and cities are facing water scarcity in various stages; by sharing solutions and tactics, as well as failures, each cause will be more likely to preserve its water access and secure a safer future.