ecoFredericton Sustainable Living Inc.

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210 Sunset, Apt. 2
E3A 1A5

About Us

ecoFredericton is a local non-profit corporation serving Fredericton and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help our region make a strategic transition toward a more ethical and resilient local economy, while also reducing our ecological footprint, and destructive fossil fuel and global trade dependencies. Our organization represents a move toward a new culture of sustainable co-operative economics, skills-based alternative education, innovative community building, and establishing spaces for open and respectful intellectual and cultural diversity.

For several years, ecoFredericton has been gaining experience and knowledge, as well as establishing relationships with other non-profit organizations - laying the foundations for a centre that integrates a housing co-operative, a sustainability training and demonstration centre, and a 'green' at-risk youth entrepreneurship program.

The project is largely inspired by the Falls Brook Centre in Knowlesville, NB, and our centre will likewise demonstrate sustainable architecture and technologies, organic food production, and permaculture. The centre will also include a housing and farming co-operative, allowing volunteers to live on-site, providing a non-profit alternative to for-profit affordable housing, and demonstrating the sustainability of co-operative housing. The at-risk youth entrepreneurship program is intended to help young adults to not only escape social marginalization but to even create a green career for themselves and a better world for all of us.