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About Us

The mission of CCYP is to CONNECT Cape Cod's emerging workforce and future leaders with one another, ENGAGE them in our community, and to support their efforts to ADVANCE their lives, personally and professionally on Cape Cod.

CCYP was founded in November of 2005 with the idea that Cape Cod could benefit from an organization of young people dedicated to the betterment of the region. Every member of the CCYP has their own reasons for joining and their own experience with the organization; some come to every event we offer, others attend periodically, but the hallmark of CCYP involvement has been the lasting friendships formed, business relationships developed and good times shared with a common audience.

By joining CCYP you are joining up with a diverse group of community minded individuals who call Cape Cod home and have a vested interest in the future of the region. You will receive regular updates on CCYP happenings and celebrations, and will be a part of an organization which is working to make Cape Cod a better place to live and work. The relationships you will develop will extend well beyond the events we offer and will help you create a more full life here on Cape Cod.

Our focus is to ensure opportunities for young professionals to shape the Cape into a community that supports meaningful careers and a sustainable quality of life. To that end, our Career Connect Scholarship Program provides an opportunity to give back to Cape Cod and the emerging workforce that is truly the essence of Cape Cod’s future. This program links CCYP, local businesses, and young talent to create and offer internships, scholarships, and mentoring opportunities to foster professional achievement that can thrive on Cape Cod. In 2012 alone CCYP awarded eight scholarships, totaling $24,000, to adult students who are returning to school, training in a new profession, or taking courses to develop their professional lives on Cape Cod. CCYP is a 501(c)3 public charity.