Wallowa Valley Center For Wellness

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207 SW First Street
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About Us

The vision of Wallowa Valley Center is “to ensure mental wellness for all Wallowa County residents and instill a sense of community and belonging in each individual.” The mission of the organization is “to facilitate wellness, recovery and community integration by providing supports and services that empower personal action..”

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness (WVCW) is a full service community-based program focusing on the mental health and life enrichment needs of the citizens of Wallowa County. Programs focus on people with mental and emotional disturbances, those with severe mental illness, people with drug and alcohol abuse issues, and people with developmental disabilities. Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness is the primary provider of these services in Wallowa County. The next clinic is 128 miles (round-trip) away in La Grande, Oregon. WVCW serves as the Community-Based Mental Health Program (CMHP) for Wallowa County. The center also works with people seeking to improve their life by providing tools for better living (stress reduction, anger management etc.) Programs are designed to serve individuals, families and groups.