UIH Family Partners

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About Us

UIH Family Partners (UIH) is committed to improving the lives of unemployed and underemployed noncustodial fathers who face multiple systematic barriers to self-sufficiency and active, positive engagement in their children's lives. UIH believes that when fathers are healthy and strong and involved with their children, families are better able to grow healthy and strong, and positive outcomes for children significantly increase.

UIH empowers and equips men to be more positively and actively engaged in their children's lives - physically, emotionally and fnancially. It achieves this through a comprehensive array of free programs and services designed to help fathers become Dads and responsible, contributing members of the community. These programs include work readiness (including soft skills development), job search and employment retention assistance; parenting education; computer literacy training; GED preparation; anger management; stress and time management; and much more.

UIH leverages the impact and reach its services and resources through productive collaborations with a variety of like-minded public and private entities. The agency touches the lives of more than 1,000 underserved men in Greater Trenton annually.