About Us

Nida is a private non profit/NGO center providing comprehensive early intervention services for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind children from birth to eight years old and their families.

Vision To create a future of equal opportunity for children with sensory communication disabilities (hearing impairment) to be achieved by establishing Nida as a center of excellence for rehabilitation and education in the region and to ensure the spread of our wide experience, of over 10 years in hearing impairment, all over Egypt. By equal opportunity we mean,

Education opportunity Job and mobilization opportunity Social opportunity Cultural development opportunities Active citizenship and participating member of society Health care opportunities

Mission -Early identification of children with sensory communication disabilities through programs raising public awareness. -Establish a psychologically healthy and caring environment that allows children to develop without barriers. -Provide the most advanced tools and expertise that would enable them to have equal opportunities with their peers. -Work with families to create and maintain a life plan for each child, in order to achieve self independence. -Create public awareness of the importance of early rehabilitation of hearing impaired and deaf blind children through media , publications , conferences , field visits ..etc -Provide scientific awareness programs and workshops and follow up sessions for teachers and children as well, in the schools in which children of hearing impairment are merged with normal children (inclusive schools). -Build regional and global networks and establish experience exchange with other successful centers in this field to ensure the spread and quality of the calibers working with the children. -Help reform educational laws to be convenient for inclusive children by addressing figures in charge and educational authorities. -Step towards being an internationally certified center in verbo-tonal rehabilitation program.