Rwanda Educational Assistance Project

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About Us

REAP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Duha Complex School in rural Rwanda to fulfill its capability and become an exemplary public school that can be replicated in other rural areas of Rwanda. Among Rwanda's poorest schools and one of the few complex schools (nursery through grade 10, adding 11 and 12 over the next two years) in the country, REAP is partnering with Duha to develop best educational practices. Toward this end, REAP is focused on three domains: community, environment, and teaching/learning.

Some of our current projects include: supplying the students with food, training teachers in learner centered pedagogy, creating a library, promoting the education of girls, establishing partnerships with other schools, creating indigenous based-literature, supporting the development of micro-businesses using local resources, developing a de-centralized leadership team, building a multipurpose community learning center, enhancing sanitation by the building of toilets and water-filtration, and supporting cultural activities.