Alturas Animal Sanctuary Volunteer Program

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Costa Rica

About Us

The Alturas Animal Sanctuary is a brand new facility set up and created exclusively for all of the Costa Rican wildlife that may be injured or sick and in need of care and rehabilitation. Our ultimate objective is to help and then release these animals back into the wild once they are ready to return.

Some of our full time resident animals have been exploited and domesticated as pets and cannot return to the wild. Others have been mal-treated in some way and are suffering from abuse, malnutrition, neglect and general improper care. Others arrive with permanent physical disabilities and cannot be returned to the wild.

Part of our mission at the Alturas Animal Sanctuary is to give these resident animals the best quality of life possible in captivity and care for the daily needs.

In part our objective at the Alturas wildlife Sanctuary is to serve as an education center as we believe educating the local people and future generations about the wild life of Costa Rica and their needs is very important to insure good cohabitation in this small country.