Civil Development Organization

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About Us

Civil Devlopment Organization:

  • The Civil Development Organization (CDO) is a non-governmental, non-profit independent organization which was founded in 1999, in cooperation with the Swedish organization Diakonia.
  • CDO worked under the umbrella of Diakonia for 2 years. In April 2001 it got recognition from the Ministry of Humanitarian Aid in cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional government.

Aims of CDO are:

  • Improving the Human Rights situation of refugees and IDPs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
  • Raising the capacity of Civil Society Organizations.
  • Raising the capacity of women in the field of leadership and combatting violence against women.
  • Promoting democracy principles and building peace in conflict areas.
  • Providing legal assistance for marginalized groups in society.

The CDO Departments:

  • Human Rights Department
  • Women Affairs Department
  • Democracy Training Center
  • Protection and Assistance Center (PAC)


The Civil Development Organization has built close relationships with other Kurdish and Iraqi non-governmental organizations. It has been member of several local networks, heading some of them. CDO’s activities and projects so far have been promoted by about 40 international organizations; we benefit from long term corporation with ten of them.