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About Us

About the Organization

Delaware Shakespeare is a regional theatre company located in Wilmington, DE. We perform Shakespeare works for a broad mix of audiences throughout Delaware. Founded in 2003 with our annual summer festival, we have significantly expanded our mission and reach. Delaware Shakespeare launched its Community Tour in Fall 2016 with productions bringing thrilling, professional Shakespeare to audiences throughout Delaware who may not have easy access to professional arts experiences. We offer education and outreach programs such as the Bridge, which connects at-risk youth to “the large society of humanity” and promotes positive life choices through examination of the choices that are made by Shakespeare’s characters, as well as a college apprentice program, high school internships and events that connect our audiences to the themes explored in Shakespearean works.


We envision a Delaware where people from all walks of life celebrate and explore their shared humanity through the lens of Shakespearean works.


Inspired by Shakespeare’s creative vision and the broad societal mix of audiences of his era, Delaware Shakespeare brings our community together for vibrant theatre and learning experiences.