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About Us


The Corporate Action Network is a fundamentally new kind of advocacy organization built to serve citizen activists fighting corporate power in the 21st century.

We’ve now had over thirty years of rising inequality, stagnant wages, and corrupted politics; it’s well past time to find new ways to fight back. Corporations who abuse the public trust need to be reined in to create a fair society of innovation, balanced growth, genuine democracy, and a healthy environment. But the worst corporate predators have become adept at exploiting the global economy to evade the reach of our laws and blunt the effectiveness of traditional organizing efforts aimed at holding them to account. To make this a fair fight again, we need to build new tools, new activists, and new alliances, and put those organizations fighting for justice on the same playing field of today’s networked corporations.

By synthesizing successful older models of organizing with today’s technology and social media, the Corporate Action Network provides activists with the tools they need to stop abuses and demand accountability. It will network and amplify the work of the many people fighting corporate abuses and help their organizations pool power and get real results, and it will help lead the fight directly against the worst corporate bad actors.

The core of the effort is a technologically-advanced organizing platform and a powerful research model. The platform marries state-of-the-art digital organizing tools with social media technology to create a space where organizations of all sizes can work together flexibly and without giving up their own autonomy. And the innovative information infrastructure takes advantage of social media monitoring, open-source structures like wikis, and old-fashioned research to build a central, go-to repository for data on corporate abuse and successful strategies for putting an end to them.

But the Corporate Action Network is not a pie-in-the-sky technological vision, an “if you build it, they will come” effort just to create a new technology. This structure will be put into use by the organization again and again, targeting corporations guilty of wrong-doing and utilizing the full power of modern distributed organizing to hold them to account. Imagine the flexibility, speed, and mobilizing power of Occupy Wall Street married with the directed focus and deep expertise the best labor, environmental groups and others bring to corporate campaigning, and you’ll see the potential of the Corporate Action Network.

Founded by people from the top levels of labor and digital political organizing, the Corporate Action Network has the expertise and the experience to bring all of this together. The result will be not just a new organization, but new capabilities for organizations throughout the progressive fight against runaway corporate abuse. It will help the long process of putting people holding corporations accountable finally on the same playing field of the modern, transnational corporations.