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About Us

Fight for the Future is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that the web continues to hold freedom of expression and creativity at its core. We primarily work on high value, fearless projects that can be seen by millions. In 2012 we organized the largest online protest in history, an internet-wide strike against web censorship which defeated the SOPA and PIPA bills. More recently, our Battle for the Net campaign drove nearly four million people to contact the FCC resulting in the game-changing passage of net neutrality rules (a “First Amendment” for the Internet). Here’s exactly how we did it. Our Reset the Net campaign organized around protecting the privacy of hundreds of million of internet users.

Our accomplishments are testament to the notion that with the right approach and creative activism, the public interest can prevail—even over some of the most entrenched political forces in the world. For more details on these and other accomplishments, check out a timeline of the events leading up to and immediately after the SOPA strike. 

For someone who cares about the future of the open internet, this is a dream job.

Note: We expect this job announcement to reach a lot of people who are very politically active, but who may not be sold on the significance of this particular cause. So here's a quick summary of how we see the threat and the opportunity:

First, technology is increasingly the foundation for social participation and the pursuit of justice. We depend on a combination of software, devices, and the internet to get news, read books, organize others— a slew of essential activities. Second, digital technology contains a basic social justice: once something gets made, it costs relatively little to give everyone access.

This means two things: 1) to preserve our existing freedoms and institutions we have to fight to keep their technological underpinnings free from interference. 2) If we're successful we win much more than that: a world where everyone has equal access to many of humanity's most valuable creations (knowledge, cultural expression, and the digital tools to make more).

There are several excellent organizations working on the same set of issues, but we think we can be much more effective by focusing on public-facing campaigns and employing a different mix of tactics. We've had some incredible victories already, and we're just getting started.