People for Pigeons

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P.O. Box 286231
New York
United States

About Us

People for Pigeons promotes pro-pigeonism by portraying the positive portrayal of pigeons in society. People for Pigeons tables at street and church fairs in the New York City area. We hold meetings in midtown Manhattan every other month where we make up literature and discuss pigeon concerns. Issues we are concerned with are possible feeding restrictions imposed by government, illegal pigeon nettings (for pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania), pigeon extermination and false information disseminated by extermination companies that creates hostility and hatred among the general public toward pigeons. We are involved with rescuing injured pigeons and bringing them to wildlife rehabilitators. Anyone with an interest in pigeon advocacy and justice is welcome to join. People can participate by attending meetings and spreading goodwill to naysayers.

We are the catalyst for National Pigeon Day, an advocacy pigeon event held on June 13th in commemoration of Cher Ami and other homing pigeons who carried messages in World War 1 and 11 saving thousands of human lives.