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About Us

Alta Solar Project's mission is to provide practical solar lighting, in the form of individual systems, to the poorest residents of the remotest areas of Ladakh, India.

There are many projects worldwide that bring solar lighting to poor and remote regions and an infinite number of ways to accomplish that goal. Alana and Tashi discussed and explored different ideas of how they could develop their project and finally decided to pursue a decentralized, rural electrification model that is centered on providing homes with individual solar systems. They researched the quality of different solar technologies and chose to work with OrbEnergy, a solar company based out of Bangalore, India. OrbEnergy manufactures an integrated, portable system that offers two lights that are attached by 10 foot cables to the main system and a plug for mobile phone charging. This is powered by a single solar panel that attaches to the most appropriate place on the house, usually the roof.

Alta is a comprehensive project that is responsible for raising all the necessary funds by creating partnerships, siting the Ladakhi families who need this service the most, and then completing the project by delivering the systems to each home. The final aspect of Alta will bring Alana's experiences in India together and will include her network of Ladakhi children by creating an educational program to teach children in local schools about renewable energy.

UPDATE May, 2013: Alta has found three financial partners to implement Phase I of the Project in August, 2013. Phase I will distribute 40 solar systems to two villages in Ladakh and then record and document the outcomes in Spring, 2014. The Project is "Efforts to Outcomes" focused and will concentrate on the definitive changes that occur for the Ladahki people due to the solar systems.

​Alta Solar Project is fiscally sponsored by Perception International. Perception International is an organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of perceptual, cultural, and biological diversity worldwide. Perception International is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.