World of Speed

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27490 SW 95th Ave

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About Us

World of Speed is an educational, non-profit motorsports museum. Opening April 24, 2015, the museum’s interactive exhibits and hands-on activities will offer visitors a behind-the-scenes view of the auto-racing world. World of Speed’s collection features several historic racecars, including those from Danica Patrick, Mickey Thompson, Herm Peterson, Richard Petty, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. For more information visit

World of Speed’s mission is to serve a wide range of audiences through varied, interdisciplinary educational programs, integrating the study of history, art, culture, science and technology to appeal to all ages, backgrounds, and interests. World of Speed aims to build the community by being an educational resource for local schools, institutions, organizations and groups, facilitating life-long learning, growth, and a lasting relationship between these public groups and World of Speed.