"I Have a Dream" Foundation - Oregon

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2916 NE Alberta St, Suite D
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About Us

OUR MISSION: We empower students from low-income communities to thrive in school, college and career. 

OUR VISION: Consistent with Oregon's 2025 aspirational goals for workforce preparation, our vision is that 100% of Oregon students complete high school and that 80% of Oregon students complete some form of post-secondary education.

Ultimately, through post-secondary completion, we want to break the cycle of poverty and change the game at a systemic level for children and families in low-income communities. 

Our core theory of change is that communities must take primary responsibility for decreasing low-income student and family barriers, so that educators can focus on teacher effectiveness and classroom outcomes. Leveraging and aligning existing community resources in highly strategic, comprehensive partnerships with low-income schools is an efficient, cost-effective and replicable approach. An investment in what we refer to as "strategic partnership leadership" is all it takes to move the student success needle.