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About Us

Taking on the Giant promotes the ideas, work and accomplishments of young people who change the world. An increasing number of young people are transforming their passions into successful charities, foundations, businesses and movements from a young age. These are stories that deserve to be told. We believe that they will inspire other young people to pursue their dreams and passions and turn them into reality and eventually lead to a reinvention of the understanding of employment, from the one currently geared toward simply finding a job and being employed to one in which individuals create their own workplace.

Young people should find all the support they need to pursue their ideas in school. Therefore, Taking On The Giant supports and promotes the developing shift in education focused on the promotion of student entrepreneurship and creativity. In order to achieve its goals, the site not only publishes articles on and interviews with young entrepreneurs and changemakers, but also lists opportunities for young people to advance their entrepreneurial and creative skills. Taking On The Giant also provides toolkits for parents and teachers to stimulate and support the creativity of the young people.