Tenkile Conservation Alliance

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Papua New Guinea

About Us

The mission of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance is to:

  • Maximize the probability of survival of a naturally evolving population of Tenkile and other Tree Kangaroos in the Torricelli Mountains - PNG.
  • Expand and apply leading-edge science in biology and conservation.
  • Increase public awareness and involvement in conservation of Tree Kangaroos and their habitat.
  • Enhance professional training in biology and conservation, with preference for PNG Nationals.
  • Establish the Torricelli Mountain Range-Sandaun Province as a Conservation Area so that it is protected by law and the landowners.

Goals and Aims

Several core aspects of the TCA's initial goals have already been realised that will provide a platform for the continued development of the project.

  • Funding for the employment of a Project Manager and Education Officer for at least a period of 2 years. These two positions are presently filled and are presently based at the project site in Lumi, Sandaun Province.
  • Funding is being sourced to establish rabbit farming. Having captive- bred rabbits in cages at each of the moratorium villages will hopefully provide a regular protein source for these people.
  • Research sites have been established in the Torricelli mountains to determine the population of Tenkile. Future study and research techniques are planned. This will depend on the success of the present research and funding.
  • Work is under way on a conservation education program for the schools and the community.

By engaging stakeholders (members of the community) in the design and delivery of conservation activities, appropriate and sensitive messages can be delivered and community change instigated from within. Community conservation officers have been utilised successfully in an integrated conservation and development program in the Eastern Highlands at Crater Mountain for several years now.