Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue

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13130 Molly Berry Road
Upper Marlboro
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About Us

Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Inc. exists to improve the lives of Thoroughbred racehorses by finding the best homes possible for them upon retirement from racing. We successfully transition and retrain racehorses into other disciplines; and teach these techniques and philosophies to others. We strive to improve the reputation of the Thoroughbred by providing correct information about this wonderful breed of horse. Through placement, support, education and rescue, we strive to make a difference.

The main goal ofTPR is to assist retiring Thoroughbred racehorses by acting as a liaison between the racing and broader equine communities to place Off the Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) into good homes. They can then enjoy meaningful, productive lives when their racing careers are over. TPR provides Thoroughbred racing owners and trainers in the Mid-Atlantic region a way to reach people who want show and riding horses. In this way,TPR