International Development Department, University of Birmingham


University of Birmingham

B15 2TT
United Kingdom

About Us

Founded in 1964, and part of Europe's largest School of Public Policy, The International Development Department is committed to supporting the development of effective governance systems in transitional and developing countries.

The International Development Department's programmes are designed to meet the evolving needs of the contemporary development sector, and are sensitive to specific country situations.

The diversity of the department's activities: Research and Policy Advice, Consultancy, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Teaching, and Professional Development Training means that IDD's Staff bring a unique comparative perspective to their work.

IDD staff have practical experience in over 40 countries, including Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Brazil and Mexico.

Situated within the School of Public Policy, the International Development Department is the UK’s only academic development studies institute to form part of a broader comparative policy forum, bringing together the experience of the high, middle and low income countries to address key issues of government reform, democracy, civil organisation, participation, poverty reduction, welfare and security.