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About Us

Africa Community Empowerment and Development Initiatives(ACEDI) was started by a group of professionals in 2008 in order to bring meaningful changes in the lives of the most marginalized group of society, pastoralists and other minorities, children and women who have no voices and are excluded from development, through research, advocacy and empowerment programmes. Its founders were encouraged by the African Union’s (AU) decisions as reflected in the preamble of the AU Constitutive Act, Article 3(a), (g) (h) (k), and Article 22 to engage CSOs in the development, strengthening, and operationalization of the AU at all levels; but particularly concerned about the ubiquitous capacity weaknesses of CSOs in attempts to partner with government in development programmes especially for indigenous civil society organization at the district and grassroots level.

Our Vision

A democratic, peaceful, just and accountable poverty free society wherein the rights of poor and marginalized people are respected promoted and protected.

Mission statement

To be a development partner of choice for the poor women, men, boys and girls and their organization in empowering and giving them voice to ensure their inclusion, participation and benefit in the development agenda at household, family, community, national and international levels.

Organizational Goal

Enhance the capacity of poor communities, civil society organizations, community groups, and local governments to discover, identify, build and sustain their potential to make meaningful choices and translate the choices into actions that create equitable, just, meaningful and sustainable solutions to the mundane challenges facing men, boys, women and girls of this world in order for them to enjoy fully their Human rights and freedoms and create sustainable development.