The Student Leadership Training Program

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About Us

We are true to our mission. The first word in student leadership is student. That simple truth helps to drive our program. SLTP seeks to empower young people to reach their highest potential. Utilizing the platform that a leadership training program provides, the SLTP seeks to:

· encourage young people to dream big dreams,

· affirm and develop positivity,

· encourage and enable INCLUSION and ACCEPTANCE,

· acquaint student leaders with the power they possess to improve their circumstances

· enable student leaders to organize and develop student organizations’

· enable student leaders to make positive significant differences for themselves, their schools and their communities,

· involve student leaders in the joy of positive risk taking.

The values of SLTP mirror the values of our staff - - acceptance, mutual respect, trust, honor, positivity, determination and a drive for excellence.

We are in business to make a difference.