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About Us

Silas Garrison Fisher is a patient advocate organization. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by Trimethylaminuria, and similar disorders through support, education, advocacy and to encourage participation in research. 

We provide:*Counseling* Case Management*Video Recording*Nutritionist Advisory Information*Physician Advisory Information*Cooking Show Episodes* Referrals*Text Group (available 24/7 internationally)Research data reporting.

How our program works: Silas Garrison Fisher connects and advocates with governmental agencies, organization, hospitals, businesses, supports groups, and social media, to bring public awareness of our rare condition called, "trimethylaminuria (TMAU)," and other similar disorders. We then provide direct services through these angencies, linking them to our TMAU community, enabling community members to voice their opinions, experiences, and needs, to service providers.
We establish these connections through online conference calls, recordings, webinars, etc, thereby providing a comfortable setting for those who are homebound until recovery and/or improved management. London doctors and nutritionists have graceously volunteered their time to assist us in our endeavors as advisory board members. JOIN OUR TEAM! "CHANGE THE WORLD"