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About Us

We established this voluntery organisation called HEALTH HOME SOCIETY in 1997 and its registation no is 5470. under Government of Andhra Pradesh,India.

our motto is to provide and train and give enough knowledge to get and to have a better and good health, home and society.

To fullfill our motto we have done the following activities.

We started TWO mobile sewing training centers for Women. Each mobile sewing training centre will go to every village/street and staying there for three months to six months for giving free training to the women staying there. We are giving training to women absolutely free. By our training more than two thousand ladies are self employed.

Simultaneously we are conducting Health Caps frequently, and now we are conducting

One perment Psycho-Medical/Social counselling camp for mentally disturbed people by Dr. V. Rajagopal, Psycho-Phillosopher, who is giving the treatment and counselling to patients at free of cost. He is our honourable Secretary.

Now presently, we have unemployed volunterees with computer knowledge and for them we are going to conduct shortly a call center/ online data entry typist.

For our service to the poor and unemployed please co-operative with us, any B.P.O. company can help us by giving us an opportunity to work with them.