KidsPlay Children's Museum, Inc.

  • Connecticut


61 Main Street
United States

About Us

KidsPlay Children's Museum's exhibits and programs are designed to welcome a diverse cultural, educational and socio-economic community to participate in planned, purposeful creative learning through play. At KidsPlay, children and their caregivers engage with concepts of learning, build life-skills and spark curiosity in a developmentally appropriate, content-rich environment.  

The Museum operates interactive, hands-on exhibits where children and their families practice pre-academic skills, build curiosity and explore through developmental play. The Museum is a safe, creative and stimulating environment. The Museum presents learning concepts in ways that foster innovative thinking and are meaningful to children and their families. The exhibits provide opportunities for young children to discover, imagine and create - experiences that will help support them intellectually, socially and emotionally in their future.  

KidsPlay offers educational programs to enhance the cognitive and social-emotional growth of young children. These intentional learning activities integrate many fields of study and promote the development of the executive functions of the brain. The lessons are designed to guide the child to actively explore their world and practice learning in a group setting. Through these programs, the Museum educators encourage and support caregivers as active participants in the child’s play-to-learn activities.

KidsPlay hosts a series of educational and outreach activities including the KidsPlay Family Fun Fair. The Fun Fair welcomes organizations from across the public, non-profit and private sectors to connect with families of our community in a fun-filled, information-rich day of creative activities.


A sustainable anchor institution, preparing a diverse community of children to thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally in their future.


Provide children with an environment that fosters imagination and creativity through interactive exhibits and play that will deepen their appreciation and understanding of the sciences, the arts and the world around them.