Lifetime Advocacy Plus

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About Us


It is the Mission of Lifetime Advocacy Plus (LA+) to enhance the lives and protect the rights of people with disabilities, by providing guardianship; personal attention; advocacy; trust and financial management; and personal services

Lifetime Advocacy Plus believes each individual served has the right to:

Normal feelings of safety and well-being at home and at work, safe from intrusive and aversive methods of correction or instruction such as would not be tolerated by other people;

Live as independently as possible, with the awareness that for some people, interdependence may be more pronounced than for others;

Adequate and effective education that equips individuals for a successful life lived to the fullest, including, in every appropriate case, preparation to live in the community;

Concerted effort to provide effective education of the community regarding the dignity and integrity of the people we serve;

Consistent organizational awareness and responsiveness to issues that challenge our clients and Washington state service providers;

Express individual preferences that are acknowledged with respect;

A daily life that includes activities that integrate individuals into the overall life of the community; that people get out and about, making friends and doing the essential business of their lives;

Intervention and advocacy when systems that provide needed services fail, proceed too slowly or without due consideration for the best interest of individuals we serve;

Receive timely, therapeutic medical care and to participate, to whatever extent possible, in the formulation of medical plans and treatment;

Professional financial management including careful investment and protection of funds left by families or others and to ongoing advocacy for government and private funds necessary to supplement their earnings and savings, so that adequate supports be available for their lives.