Sandiego Foundation Of Nepal (SADFUN)

About Us

The "Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN)" is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated towards bringing awareness among the rural people regarding education, health, environment, and development-related issues. It is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council of Nepal, the government body responsible for the management, supervision and control of the Non –governmental organizations in Nepal. The registration number of this NGO is 11386.Similarly, the government has approved the aims and objectives of this NGO and has registered it. Its registration number is 510/11.

SADFUN encourages the active participation of the rural people in development activities. The mission of this organization is to help the rural people who are leading their lives under abject poverty, are deprived of education, basic health facilities and toiling just to meet the very basic needs, overcome their problems. Mr. Don Meredith, an American national, came to Nepal in 1999 and visited different rural parts of the country. During his visit, he experienced the problems facing the rural people. He found the rural people living under serious problems. No transport facilities, no health service and worst of all- no school ! Seeing all the suffering of the rural people, he felt the need of making some organized efforts to improve their living standards. It is basically his idea to establish an NGO and help them through it. Mr. Meredith has played a very appreciating role both for the establishment as well as the running of the organization

SADFUN programs emphasize developing self-sufficiency, and helping Nepali people to acquire the skills that will help them implement long- term, sustainable solutions to the problems of illiteracy, inadequate nutrition and lack of economic opportunity facing their communities. We pride ourselves on running programs which promote self-help and local initiative, and which are designed and carried out by a Nepali professional staff.

Although SADFUN has grown considerably since its days as a well-established and successfully managed NGO, we are still a small, close- knit organization. Today, we have many well-wishers and supporters of our mission, we have fifteen permanent employees and several other volunteers are working with us. The Nepal office is staffed entirely by Nepalese.

Nepal is one of the ten countries in the world that has made the most progress in the last decade in mini mizing the gap between girls' and boys' education. This remarkable feat has been achieved by programs such as SADFUN's, which provide tuition and school supplies for girls, provide a supportive learning environment through all-girl classes, and raise parents' awareness about the importance of girls' education.

We started to conduct various programs with an aim to helping and encouraging more children to go to school. But while working in the villages for the children, we came to find other problems as well. Feeling the necessity of women education, we started to run women literacy classes in different places and all this brought a very positive impact in the rural lives.

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