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About Us

The Christian Community, Movememt for Religious Renewal, is part of an international movement founded in 1922 in Switzerland by the eminent Lutheran theologian and minister Friedrich Rittlemeyer, with the help of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian thinker and mystic (who also started Waldorf Education, Biodynamic agriculture and Anthroposophy, among other things).

There are approximately 350 independent Christian Community Congregations worldwide, with 14 congregations in North America. Services are also held through visits to affiliate congregations in several additional locations. The first congregation of The Christian Community in North Americaof was founded in New York City in 1948. Most of the congregationsare small and intimate.

The Christian Community recognizes the Christian way to be a path of freedom. All who come will find a community striving to cultivate an environment of free inquiry in harmony with deep devotion.